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I am powerful.

 I am focused and persistent.

I will impact someone on Today because I have the power to create change.

I’m will be intentional with my God & my marriage

I have purpose.

My first response to all circumstances is faith 

 I have no reason to fear, for God is with me.

These are my daily affirmations and intentions. What’s yours?

There is a difference in saying something to ourselves and believing the words that come out our mouth.

What you think is what you speak. It’s vital to constantly put positive things around you.  

As my pastor says “Stay away from negative people ,places and things” Everyday I wake up I say these things. I have even said it so much my husband looks at me and says it right back to me, Or he will wake me up just to remind me who I am in God. I’m not saying you have to say the same things as me but say things to yourself that are positive and uplifting. 

So specifically I tell myself I’m powerful because one I’m a counselor and I have to take on other people’s problems plus my own. I have to obtain strength and patience and A sense of peace at all times. So I say I’m powerful because I can have things happening around me and whether it’s work ,home ,my family ,or my clients families I am still able to manage it all and keep going. It’s not that I disconnect but I can be very motivating and inspiring to others, which is fuel for me. It recharges me. My nature is to comfort people and my daily goal is to build another up. I love helping people in the most positive way and I feel the most positive way is through your words. It’s what keeps a person motivated.Therefore,I make it my duty to be intentional with helping others daily.

 Impactful. my daily goal is to impact a person where its either mentally, physically, emotional and/or spiritually. I want to tell people about the goodness of Our lord and savior and I’m not religious but I am God fearing and a true testament of Gods grace. when people see me I want them to see the God in me and in how I carry myself ;To where they will want to chase God just like Or if not more than me.

Mentally. I want people to be mentally strong as if having a positive mindset in the most crucial times of ones life. I was reading in the bookapproval addiction by Joyce Meyers” 

when things are easy to get it’s not as challenging but if it’s hard and it takes work, people tend to want to give up when they don’t see the progress which creates a challenge.

And I just want to be that person who says keep going. That person who says you can do this. That person who make you think beyond that challenge in a positive light. For you to say hey I believe and trust in God to get me through this.

Emotionally. I want people to be emotionally strong. Emotionally to handle the things they go through on the daily basis. Like for instance on a daily basis I may go through things at work and then I may come home and whole bunch of stuff happening, and I have to immediately comfort everyone around me. I have to be emotionally strong enough to be able to pour into other people. Because if I am not pouring those positive emotions into myself, I can’t pour those positive emotions into others. And that’s where I have to be emotionally strong to know when I need to regroup and get my mind together to sow seeds in others.

Physically. I want to help people grow physically to build their self-esteem by eating healthy but also good. Thinking about the intake of their food Because we are what we eat and it’s vital to eat right for the body, wellbeing and mental health.

Spiritually. I want to help people build that connection with God. And truly have faith in him. Live a life of abundance, with the Favor of God wholeheartedly.

Get Inspired....

A lot of times we fear the unthinkable but remember you have no reason to fear for God is our shepherd and he leads us. And as long as we all are mentally,physically, emotionally and spiritually strong we can overcome anything. we have to allow God to use us in a special way. Our God given purpose is to bring people closer to him and God Qualified us for a reason, because we have a purpose to fulfill. And I say these things because I declare them over my life. Power is in the tongue so speak to your higher self and speak positive over your life.

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