Value your PEACE

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

So lately I’ve been doing this thing where I have a craving for something. So I search for it,find it and give it to myself. Sounds simple right?! But I do it because I’m so use to putting my wants and needs last. Although 5/10 times I usually don’t need whatever it is. I read this post that said,

“prioritize your mental and spiritual well-being.” - Idillionaire

Peace, self care, self love, and my relationship with God is what I needed to prioritize. I have to make room for those things, and mediate on my wants and needs. It’s okay to have you a little “me time.” But I had gotten to a place where choosing me was wrong or in other words selfish and selfish is everything I am not.

I had realized I lacked my ability to just make time for me,myself and I. It’ seemed so hard for me. I’m not a mother but 80% of my life I’m nurturing others especially kids. Reasons why I don’t want any right now. I’m a counselor, I’m a wife, I’m a friend, I’m a sister and a newly Aunt (I love that part and wifey of course lol) but I’m needed all the time, that honestly sometimes I just need that one on one with me and God. God blesses Me immensely and i have to take time to just thank him. I have my moments of just going into my little office or room at home and just working on what makes me happy (fashion) or just taking time to dig into Gods word and mediate on his greatness and what he is honestly doing in my life. Allowing him to direct my path, my thoughts and my heart, and just feel free because that’s what I am In Jesus Christ!

perspective is an incredible thing to have. And your perspective on life is valuable. But creating peace mentally wherever you are in life is something we have to remember to do. It’s not a choice it’s something we must have. Your peace shouldn’t be optional and I think people will choose so many things other than their own peace. If going somewhere you don’t want to go disrupts your peace don’t do it, if going into a job everyday makes you stressed get another one or go into business for yourself. If certain friends arent positive or motivating you let that friendship go, and I don’t care how long that friendship was “let it go” if that partner relationship is something that doesn’t glorify God or make you happy leave. God will bless you with the right person love. Value you, value your peace, because it’s our ability to care and love on us. just relax and mediate on your needs and in Gods word.

God says,“Be still” psalms 46:10

we have to allow ourselves to feel that and be completely honest with ourselves in Where we are mentally. I wrote a post about , “saying No to others and yes to yourself,” if your unaware of it click out of this and Go read it. It talks about valuing your “No.” We have this crazy idea if we say No, oh hell is going to break lose. Lol but NO, it’s not! Put Value on You, your wants and needs. Make time for you, create that peaceful atmosphere For you. When I literally drive into my apartment complex I feel peace, when I wake up I feel peace, when I’m listening to my music and working on my pieces I feel peace, when my husband comes home and kisses me on the forehead I feel peace when I’m just mediteing on Gods word I feel peace. When I tell myself I am fearfully and wonderfully made I feel peace. Create that time for YOU. And Value your peace girl. You deserve it!

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