Updated: May 13, 2020

The waiting. The meantime.The in-between. It all serves a purpose. Trust your process. Even the delays and detours.

So Lately I been thinking about all the possibilities at this twenty something I could have, my dreams are getting bigger and bigger and my drive to plan and travel the world has become a everyday thing now. So I guess I could start out by talking about my twenty something. Its funny because anytime you hear a older person say how old they are or a kid in their teens wanting to grow up, they always pick twenty something. Well i am 25, so I guess i am that something. I know ,I know old right handsome always says  “stop saying that your not old your just you!” and I want to tell you just what a twenty something  or participle I think about. For starters I have just graduated and got a job right out of college. I should be excited right? I am… but I sometimes feel I am not where I want to be. Sounds weird right? right now I want my own place and a new car and money for 3 plane tickets.


My mother told me “its okay you are doing everything right and Trust me everything will fall in place… just be proud of where you are now in life and smile because you worked hard to get there”.

That was the most real thing she has ever said lol so I am just waiting on my moment (looks up to God ) but instead of people asking me those questions. They are starting to ask me about marriage and a family. In my head I am so not ready for a family. Traveling the world and maybe marriage would be cool. But no sleep, having to share your food, change pampers or pumping at 3 in the morning…Is not my thing as of right now. Not knocking the mothers who do. Trust me I admire the way they do things. I just feel my twenty something is about other things

Enjoy this Moment of your Life

I feel like it’s a step to figuring me out, connecting with God, learning more about my handsome, and traveling the world to see and do things I’ve never done or dreamed of doing. It about taking chances. I want my twenty somethings to be remembered. I would love to just work a full time job, take trips on weekends, Eat at me and my handsome’s favorite restaurant and come home to OUR home.  That would be the life!! (it’s coming) but right now I am training for that job and God is working on that car for me to take those trips and settling at old charley’s for them delicious chicken tenders. 


God works in mysterious ways and just because others are doing it at twenty something doesn’t mean I have to.

And after writing this I don’t feel so bad this should be fun. I feel there are several steps to my dreams but maybe I can figure them out in this so called twenty something.

Get Inspired

Get inspired by the things around you, live your life for you and help others around you. Take life one day at a time and embrace every living moment sis, because you have one life to live its only right to live it right!

-Signed by lipstick

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