Standing on the shoulders of greatness

Late last month I was thinking of redecorating my office and had so many cool ideas. I wanted it to be about my brand and I wanted to feel inspired every time I entered the room. One idea that came to mind was having pictures of these women who inspire me every day, on a wall in the black and white theme above my desk, so I can always remember the lineage of women my ambition comes from.

These empowering Women and True Pioneers each have special qualities I use in my life today and in the past and I am so thankful for these women. I personally wanted to honor these women this month and ill tell you just why I find them special.

Maya Angelou is one of the most wisest woman, she seems to give it to you real and raw but in a loving way. She is legendary with her immaculate messages and quotes. i would have loved to have met her in the past, just to conversate on just all she knows! her cleverness, spiritually strength and sass is what i just love about her!

Rosa Parks is a woman who couldn't be moved, she stood firm on her ideas and what she wanted to do, Never letting up regardless of what others did or thought. Rosa is the epitome of "Nah". she taught me the importance of my "No" giving me so much confidence and a true value of "meaning what you say and saying what you mean."

Michelle Obama is a women who teaches us the love of becoming, ladies when battling the impostor phenomena often we wonder do we belong and often feel like we aren't enough or know enough. We tend to try and learn more and more to become an expert in whatever it is we don't think we know enough of. and even then we go deeper and do the work. Michelle teaches me about the love of becoming and lets be real sometimes it is hard,but keep in mind it's apart of the journey so love each changing moment. she reminds me "i belong, women we Belong". Michelle too battles with impostor syndrome but talks about how she gets through it!

Beyonce the showstopper literally this woman works her butt off and doesn't stop till it's perfect or close to it. she is very devoted to her career and her mission in life. Beyonce is a goal-getter. she reminds me of myself, reason why is i really devote a lot of time to my goals in life that sometimes i have to make myself rest. beyonce reminds me to work hard but rest. Beyonce once said she has to make herself stop working so she feels most at rest on a Boat. (that's her getaway)

Kamala Harris I love her simply because she reminds me i can. she has led the way for a lot of us. she is very assertive. people often see black women as aggressive, but the truth is we know what we want and we are assertive about it.

Selena she led the way for Tejano music, but not only that her spirit was gold, no matter how big she got she always stayed humbled and loved on others around her. she took a stand and went against the odds by showing the world you can have a love life and still be about your business, another thing she designed clothes throughout her career she simply did things how she wanted.

Oprah if you know her story you know she did not have much but managed to become the most richest person in the world. Oprah shows us just because you may not have much now, if you keep putting the work in you can have what you dream, just don't give up. Oprah paved the way for many of us, so all you future Rich Queens out there, I see you!

Cecily Tyson the epitome of grace and respect. she is so graceful in how she carried herself but fought for spaces she knew she could take up! she demanded people take her as she is a highly respected woman and who she is destined to be in this world. an amazing actor I also would have loved to met her as well.

Meagan Markle reminds me how important a women's voice is and how much it means to be heard. Meagan also teaches me to walk away from anything that is not serving me, and be okay with things when others don't agree.

Toni Morrison teaches me you never need to accommodate who you are for others' approval. just be yourself and embrace who you are not what everyone else wants you to be.

Meagan ward She is a powerhouse teaching women you can live their best life, with kids, be pregnant, and still create an amazing business. eliminating all distractions and leveling up to 7 figures. she works hard for her family and is a mastermind behind her skills and mindset. She has helped many women in the world.

Elaine Welteroth she has the ability to add value to the room. She is so woke and about inclusivity, she reminds me to be both assertive and vulnerable.

so with that said......


Women remember to stay ahead of the game, always wise, unmoved standing on what you truly believe in. Embrace each changing moment, making time for yourself, and showing yourself love. Always staying ambitious, continuity to break ceilings and opening the door for the next woman. Remaining humble and know you can get through anything Your presence as a powerful woman alone is a revolution and stands with so much value and worth. Continue to be graceful with yourself but also show grace towards others. whether it's being in the royal house or just living the way you want, you never need to accommodate who you are for others' approval. Being a mother or becoming a mother, wife, sister doesn't stop or make you, keep pushing sis. Always add value to any room, space you occupy, or person you meet. and Never stop being a powerful and unstoppable woman!

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