Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Never stop believing in the wild possibility that is you and your impact. Live in your purpose on purpose. -Unknown

I was so obsessed with my wedding dress and this was actually the first dressed I tried on. But trust me to make sure it was the one I shopped all around for the same feeling I got in this very one. But this blog isn’t about my dress at all, but more so about walking in your purpose and living out your passion. 

Just like my wedding dress, I fell in love with the way it looked, the way it fit, the length, how it matched my style and all. In life we search for something that looks good money wise or fits our lifestyle, isnt that long to achieve but matches our overall life goal in how or where we see ourselves. Hints a career or Life choice. We go through so many Jobs,classes, or hobbies to figure out what we truly want to do.

But have you ever just sat there and said,

Lord I just trust you and what you have for me is far greater.” Let God lead you to open what’s within you girl!

We’re often searching for our passion and our purpose In titles or what or who we surround ourselves with. But Girl, sometimes you have to let the Norm go. the idea of what society thinks Go! I can admit I literally stuck to the social norm ( the go to college get a good job, get married live happily ever after..) in which people plan or dream for but I had did things as people say the “right way” that I was afraid of doing things a “different “ way. I had lost what my passion was and I had forgotten my true purpose.

Life becames blur when you lose sight of your purpose.

when you realize your purpose things start to get a little spicy (in other words uncomfortable) when I turned 27 I had took a different approach to accomplish all things I had always wanted to do. I started to step out on faith in doing the things I loved and adored regardless of the thoughts I had planted in my mind. I started to take a leap out my comfort zone. When I figured out my purpose. I began helping people around me, supporting the ones around me with their own goals. Being that Shoulder for that kid to cry on. Being that helping hand to that family member who just needed encouragement.

I realized I found my purpose in just being me. Exactly who God called me to be.

your purpose comes naturally. Your passion is something that is within. I realized I had a passion for truely helping people. I had been focusing on my wants and goals. Its important to know your why's in life. Like why you are doing, what your doing and how does it impact your life and decisions you make on a daily basis.

In the mist of focusing on you..

Learn to accept what God has called you to be.

know that walking your purpose is scary because it’s usually something that make you uncomfortable. But being uncomforable is a good thing. It gives you the chance to do things afraid. We tend to run away from things we haven’t accepted of ourselves. But our job is to continually live out Gods purpose on our life.

Get Inspired

Really search Within your self to figure out what makes you, you. And know whatever your goal is in life, it’s going to take time to achieve but it will be all worth it in the end. Everything that looks nice and grand comes with a price and isn’t always that easy to achieve. But your passion is your why. It’s what drives you to do things you need to do. It helps you push through all the obstacles you face when pursuing your purpose. It may take weeks, months or even years, but you have to believe you will achieve it. You just have to keep believing. Pursue your passion & purpose proudly. Oh and when your traveling through the ups and downs of your journey, remind yourself why you started in the first place

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