How you gonna win when you ain't right within

This very lyric came from the famous song "That Thing" by Lauryn Hill in my opinion one of the best to ever do it. The lyric was perfect, and yet very true.

When i think of the lyric or in this case the statement,it made me think of the ways we can just win from within. Having peace within transcends all. Peace has it's own form of wins , you have to know you are equipped with all you need to make "I AM" infinite. I read in my daily devotional that as we get older the heart weakness and in the bible God tells us to guard our heart. As a counselor its important for me to build rapport with clients to help others open up about deep thoughts and understand their thought patterns, but this statement is true Because when the heart is hurt it effects the mind.

I ask clients all the time how can you really win within if the inside doesn't feel right, and how do allow access while still protecting your heart. its so important to guard your heart but being aware of the though process that follow. Have you ever heard the statement "hurt people, hurt people" well lets take time to think about that very statement. when you are hurt you feel it, and if it brothers you just enough you will then think of the continue hurt and because you have become so accustomed to hurt you only give hurt. its important to look within to figure out what is causing that hurt. learn to allow yourself to feel and create that peace from within. When you radiate peace from within, you can truly live a life where your mind is fully immerse with positive thoughts. Winning within takes work, and constant effort to establish boundaries, practicing self-care regularly, allowing yourself to rest, and giving grace not only to others but yourself as well. when you have prioritized those things is when you can truly win from within.

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Establishing clear boundaries allows others to be aware what is acceptable and unacceptable it allows you to create the peaceful atmosphere. Learning how to simply say "No" is a form of self-care. practicing self care, whether it's getting your nails done, hair did or you sitting on the couch watching you favorite show. Be mindful of your self-care checklist. Rest often and schedule in breaks in your day, week or getaways monthly (if you can). and give yourself grace, you don't have to have it all together right now. But making small changes everyday allows you to truly win from within.

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