Updated: Jun 10, 2020

As woman we tend to put expiration dates on our lives and then we formulate in our mind the expectation for it to happen at that time and that way. But we must remember God writes our life story, and we are lead by the works and plans of him.

So I’m finally 28 (hair flip) and My birthday has always been so special to me because it’s a celebration of life particularly My Life. I’m the type that will plan months in advance just for my day. Ironically this year I didn’t plan. But it’s okay my husbae got me! But This year I didn’t really plan because I’m in this moment of just living my life for what it is. I’m so happy for the place I am in life and who I am today. God has installed in me grace, strength, patience and confidence this year and I’m excited to see what he has in store for me in year 28. In our twenties we go through this phase of trying to figure ourselves out , So sis don’t stress yourself; You won’t ever fully have it all together. Remember Your a work and progress, we all are.

The expectation of “where you/I will or should be at this age” is overrated.

Everyone is different and we are all on different paths. Reasons why you should never compare your life’s journey to another persons journey.

In the Book of proverbs 10:28 it’s says, “The hope of the righteous is joy but the expectation of the wicked will remain unfulfilled.”

Meaning expectations are the breeding ground for resentments and Hope is the desire of fulfillment or obtainment. when you have hope you are saying you have faith in God’s plan and whether the plans you have workout or not you will be fine. Expectation doesn’t let you accept what you don’t want. Have hope for things in life but get rid of the expectation you set on your life. I know the plans God has for me is far greater than I can ever imagine. And It’s time to start thinking greater, bigger and better.

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As woman have to get beyond the walls, we create for ourselves or the limitations we put on our life. God has a bigger box that he wants you to fulfill,than what you set for yourself. And every year you get the chance to figure a little more out about yourself and experience another lesson in life with God with more hope and less expectation.

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