God I just wanna be lead by you

Updated: May 18, 2020

Gods Plan will always be greater and more beautiful than all your disappointment.- unknown

our trails and tribulations may be a little different but our wanting to please God is very much same.

And the walk can sometimes be difficult But if you trust God to get you though the storm or test, you will be just fine;

for God is a way maker. God doesn't want you to worry but he want you to trust in him.

you'll get knock down but built back up to build your faith and to build your trust. See the trials we face are not just random occurrence that happen, they're a lessons.

Lessons that send Blessings

Because there are lessons in your mess. It's God leading you in which the direction he wants. And you wont always know why but know it's the path he wants for you. I am really big on planning and sometimes feel crush when things don't happen the way I thought but

Girl let God lead you

I've learn not to depend on my own plans but God's plans for he knows the right way and won't fail me.

we have to

Trust and pray to God throughout the seasons of our lives.

we have to realize those people we once had a relationship with wont always be ready to see us elevate, because just like that it's for you. sometimes the places he wants to take us, others can't go. You sometimes have seasonal friends. Simply meaning they are there in your life for which the season you are in. And this is not always a bad thing, it just means

elevation requires separation.

You are Growing in God and changing to embrace your purpose in God. Those relationships that hinder you from being the best you and keep you from sticking to Gods plan will fall off. And some won't understand why or what you are doing but thats just that. Embrace your moment. Ive had friends who i thought i would be close with forever but we grew apart and i just realized God was trying to elevate me in Christ and i had to seprate from the ones that didnt have my best interest or wasnt Going where i was going in life. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it happens naturally, it's just the way in which your moving In God.


Trouble don't last always and you will surpass the things you face and will come out with the victory.

Get Inspired

Ask God to lead you in the path he wants for you, because he truly knows what is best for you. And when you try to go on your own realize you are nothing without him. For he knows all answers and will Guide you in the right direction. Just continue to trust in his word and embrace that guidance of letting God lead you and being set Apart.


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