Finding clarity in your Vision

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

“What we feed ourselves on a daily is so important.”

Life as we know it is this constant rotation of time and living. so I decided to take a risk. A risk that would land me accomplishing one of my biggest dreams. I learned in the process how humbling and strong I was. I learned how hard I wouldn’t let anything or anyone stop me from accomplishing my dreams. So why was I so in a funk now? I had to tell myself this is just the beginning, you can’t stop now, even though it was a big moment for me, I have to keep chasing my dreams until I achieve more and help more woman in the world. ive been writing and planning my next steps of what I want to do with my brand and the future things I want to work on. I realized my talent is often hidden by me of not “thinking“ its enough. Like Sarah girl come on. (Rolls eyes) your more than enough.

We as women have to remind ourselves we are enough.”

God gave me the thoughts and plans to do this and I have to make it happen. Time waits on no one and I can’t allow the time to pass me by, but I need to work and work really hard. Learn to push yourself out of that funk and push yourself to making it happen. Start with making a with 4 squares and label them: what you love to do, what your good at, what the world needs, what you can be paid for. And start there, really take time to figure out your purpose, mission, and passions. Because remember it’s all up to you.

Finding clarity of your vision :

Your vision is simply YOURS! Don’t expect people to understand it, just prove it to yourself you can make it happen. God Is no respecter person meaning He does not ignore or change His standards for anyone. The Bible teaches us that God knows our thoughts and, consequently, our hearts Desires (Proverbs 15:11) so in other words your vision will happen you just have to keep claiming it and know it’s already yours.

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