There is patience in God Timing

Updated: May 9, 2020

Patience reveals our faith in God’s timing. Patience can be hard when it’s something you truly want. We must know God directs all of our paths, and what God has for us is far greater than we can ever imagine

   Have you ever asked God for something and you want answers, like the next day? ...I know I been there too. But there is patience in Gods timing. When God feels it’s right to reveal something to you he wilI. I counsel little kids at a elementary school and it’s always so funny to see how the imagination of what’s in my treasure box get the kids so excited.  See they have no idea what is in it. But they trust that whatever is in it will be good and Whatever time they need to wait they will because they want what’s inside. I say that to say we have no idea what’s in store for us but the faith we have in God will reveal to us the blessing he has over our life, but we have to be patient and have faith in Him.

Without faith in him, there is worry and doubt and those things are not of God.

Joyce Meyers says in the book approval addiction, “Fear is simply Faith in what satan says.” 

Meaning choosing fear is simply choosing satan. Learn to chose faith and choose it every time, even when you don’t understand, choose it again. Have faith in God and trust the process. Let him lead you.

  I was reading my daily devotional yesterday and it talked about thinking of all the things God does for us, then think about the things we want, and him exceeding that thought. All we have to do is believe in him and trust in his word. We have to learn to live a life of God and When I hear that I think about just how far God has brought me and how thankful I am for just his grace over my life. God tells us to wait for he has so many victories ahead of us. It’s knowing that you will get through whatever it is your going through.

God will never leave you nor forsake you. (See Hebrews 13:5)

and In these moments of my life I'm growing to do things God's way and not my way

So I say all this to say we are all working on our faith and growth in God. so I’m no saint I mess up as well ,but personally I am mentally trying to be more like him [Jesus] everyday, and by constantly reminding myself of his grace ,reminds me just how blessed I truly am to be lead by him. your posts.

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thinking of all the things God does for us, then think about the things we want, and him exceeding that thought. Realize the things you want, you can have and they are beyond , Of a dream but more of a path for the future.

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