A student of life

You don’t have to always be the teacher...that was the words someone shared with me. When honestly hearing that at first I took offense but then evaluated why I felt that way. I realized because I had made empowering, pushing, and becoming a moving force within for others such a priority or more so “A Job” for everyone I met. But it Wasn’t my job to nor was I called to everyone. I had to take a seat and say to myself “You don’t have to empower everyone who comes into your life.” Everyone isn’t always looking to be saved. You can still make an impact without saying a word... but in how you live your life. What actions do you make in a normal bases? I was recently looking at a instaLIVE of a woman who I admire, Mrs. Felicia Kelly. And she said

“You can’t empower someone your pacificing”

meaning you have to let people do there own thing, you can’t lead their every step or take fault when they don’t take or make the steps For their own life. Whew! It dawned on me ....let them be! when empowering someone there will be challenges, you don’t stroke a person’s ego when challenging them to grow to be better. if you looking to calm someone all the time your missing out on the message or the very word "empower"

Arian Simone in her book “fearless money mindset“ she talks about being careful of who is in your ear but also be mindful of who you are around, And what they are pouring into you. And I had to ask myself are the people around me speaking life into my dreams or doubting them questioning how I’m going to achieve them? Are they showing me the same support, are they checking in on me when I need it? Are they taking automatic steps to position themselves to be a blessing or are they placing themselves in a position to be a person who pours all their fears for their own life on to me?

And so we will talk about in season 4 of "signed By lipstick" how its best to not take on the emotions of others but be more so support and help others. and its a really good topic for people to understand there is so much you can do to help others but its a choice on their end to really want a change add so be mindful of who is pouring onto you, and always be a student learning from the teacher it self “life”

Get Inspired....

Your not called to everyone! Continue to be a student to life, and understand your role in others’ lives. you can empower by your actions and how you simply live your life.

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