A relationship that matters

This morning I woke up reading my daily devotional and it spoke about relationships and meaning the relationship you have with him above. One thing that stood out to me was

“until we get it right vertically (with God), we will never get it right horizontally (with others). Therefore, true success over relationships only comes with first seeking the kingdom of God and all of His righteousness will be added unto us according to. “ - 27 days of rightful relationships by Kimberley Washington

And I paused and thought about my relationship with God. The joy and peace I have in him, and relentless faith I’ve had to have in these times and throughout my 20s. I felt good knowing God has kept me and continuously lead me along the way. I shared a little in my podcast some of the lessons I’ve learned and one recently stood out to me. Receiving. I am a person who gives a lot. I genuinely love to give but I realized it was hard to receive. And God has allowed for me to be on the receive end of things. I had been in this place for a while and not even known it until recently 2 weeks ago. But even in that message it was really hard. When God is in your life he will make things super clear for you. I realize he opens doors and new ideas to me everyday and being align with his word and his ways for my life has been such a blessing. I learned to be open to receiving what God has for me. Have a mindset to go after my goals, and complete the mission God has for my life. We all have a purpose and we deserve all God has for us! God doesn’t make any mistakes so remember you are so worthy of receiving the opportunity, love, gratitude, and blessings. Just keep believing, and strengthening your relationship with the man above because in the end that’s all you need.


God we come to you saying thank you. thank you for the grace you have given us,the love you have shared with us, thank you for the overwhelming presences you have in our lives. help us to receive all you have for us and grace us with the mindset to continue to be cheerful givers but willing to receive your blessings. God continue to lead us in your will to not be so preoccupied with other things but focus on you and the works you would have us to do to glorify you. Continue to align us in your will and walk in the way you would have us walk. Give us courage when we are afraid and help us to have peace in our hearts.for we know what you have us is far greater than we could ever imagine. in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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