A label that fits

When I think of the term “label” i think of a word or words being defined by self or others. labels can be both good and bad. people tend to give themselves certain labels or titles because of how and what they believe of themselves.

Even I myself use to be a self proclaimed “perfectionist”. whew, I didn't know at the time but I know now! our words are so powerful. I honestly now have a love hate relationship with that word. But none the less "Perfectionist" was something i believed about myself. I noticed it more when having a casual conversation with one of my family members over the phone they casually said "yeah, cause you are the person who likes to dot every I and cross every T" and I was like oh my shaking my head, this is bad, but l invertly realized i had to break away from that perfectionist mentality, and because I had said it so much I started to believe it and it started to come out in my action Vividly. but also elaborate on the positives of being a perfectionist.

I would now define perfectionist as an idealist. I'm not perfect in any way, i make mistakes like anyone else, but i learn from my mistakes. I am a planner and tend to plan just about anything, but when things don't go according to plan i learned to adjust. it took me being intentional on my reactions to change to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I realized change doesn't always mean something bad but sometimes change is best and God's time is the right time. The idea or vision i have can always happen, if i stay focus and believe that it will happen in due time. I believe in giving things in the world new labels and finding a deeper meaning.

Be confident knowing who you are and don't doubt for a second you are less of.

Labels sometimes challenges us to change or sometimes helps us fulfill our purpose. when i was younger I was apart of a team that organized a fashion show and i thought of the name "life as a label." At the time i was referring to the different labels we wear and how we create this life we have but learning to hold the true label of our names. I spoke some months back about the idea of when you are gone what will people remember of you? what label or idea will people have when they hear your name? I realize everyday we create a new label for ourselves. When you are created in greatness by the greatest, you deserve to rock the best label ever. some of my favorites are Powerful, Ambitious, Driven, courageous,Smart, talented, and a child of God. Continue to embrace the label that fits who God created you to be,because that is the only label that matters.

Get Inspired

Don't let others define you. Also be careful of what you define of yourself, if anything make sure it is something you could and would say to yourself everyday. You are created for greatness, but that also means treating yourself well with the great. Again be confident knowing who you are and don't doubt for a second you are less of who God created you to be. His label is the best label you could every wear!

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