10 simple ways to instantly pivot your Time management skills!

Okay ladies now let’s get in formation.. Haha more like lets get this time management formation thing down girl! Here are 10 simple steps to help you tackle your time management skills.
  • Identify your Goal by identifying what your intention is. figure out your why for achieving this goal. How is it important to you? Will it help you grow?

  • Take steps in faith. big goals are good and give you a big picture but the seemingly-mundane steps between help you achieve that bigger goal. so set realistic goals. you can achieve anything with your time management skills but for the most part Just start. You will probably mess up a couple of times but God doesn’t want you to be perfect just learn to get better.

  • Prioritize your goal. Open your schedule for time to achieve your goal. If you think or notice something getting in the way of you achieving your goal take time to make room for achieving your goal.

  • Eliminate distractions and Excuses! Let’s be real Your phone can sometimes be a distraction but we have to learn how to set a limit on it. Also write down what you want to achieve! and stop saying nagative thing like "its so hard", "its so much" and blah blah blah. STOP!

  • Do the math. Look at what you want to get done and divided it by the time frame that you have to get it done. Example: if I have a book with 7 chapters(with 24 pages each) and I want to get it don’t in 2 weeks= I need to read 12 pages a day or (6 in the morning and 6 pages at night.

  • (NOTE: There are 2 pages per page so your really reading 3 pages)

  • Be optimistic! You got this girl! It may seem hard but you can and will do this! Just stay focused.

  • Whatever you expect your going to get it! Know the difference between intention and expectations.Intention is a wish or idea about your goal and expectation is a strong belief that you will achieve your goal so you can have a thought about achieving your goal but you will only achieve it when you place actions towards it and expect to get it done! (see what i did there lol)

  • Break habits! Model what you want. if your a women who wants to be and do more you have to value the idea of doing things in a timely manner. It will help you get things done and remain focused. You may never know who maybe looking up to you. So set a good example for yourself first then others. (Example: in the morning don’t grab you’re phone to get on social media, instead click on the Bible app or something that will grow your mind)

  • Seek His wisdom on God-led goals and wise planning. He will give it to you! Mediate on your goal and connect it to Gods mission for your life.

Prayer to help on your time management journey:

Lord we come to you saying thank you. Thank you for this opportunity to grow our mindset. Help me to be more intentional with my time. Let all my goals, big and small, lead me to Your feet. And in the times I falter, remind me of your transforming grace. Let that grace compel me forward to live out your purpose for my life! In Jesus' name. Amen!

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