Signed By Momentum Mentorship Program

My Approach to Women Empowerment

 Coaching strong Independent women who want to be more and do more; while helping them cultivate growth from within, knowledge of who God calls them to be, and the image we are made in him by articulating their value of their self worth,eliminating the fearful beliefs of self, and tackling impostor syndrome with confidence as they attain growth pursuing their purpose and embracing each changing moment.

Woman Empowerment


For many years we wasn’t given The right to do a lot and would often be stopped to fulfilling who we truly wanted to be and do. we have been encouraged not to step into our power but to be accommodating. In this time especially, is when we should speak up and show the world just how powerful we as women are. I think it’s so important to know your history because it has allowed us and continuously speaks to volumes of who we are today. it’s so important to know your worth and know that you are apart and empowered through our history and by what you truly believe about yourself.



My Message to women around the world is to be who you are created to be and be it unapologetically. As women were so strong, so ambitious, so focus, and so powerful. And this platform signifies us standing together as woman all around the world equally. Continue to let your presence speak confidences,kindness, and power. know that we’re here and we always will be. We shall walk in this thing called life so graceful and effortlessly. Full of Grit and virtuous heart. When we choose to believe in something we take action and follow after God's own heart as we learn to embrace the truth about ourselves and embrace who God has Chosen us to be. We are POWERFUL WOMAN.


Lord, you have chosen me,appointed me and established me. Given me grit and virtuous ways as our Lord and savior we say thank you. thank you for the moments that you have declared over my life continue to guide my mind and lead the way for me. I choose to walk confidently and fearless in every step that I take towards your will. For I know that you have the ability to take me through and bring me out on top. continue to strengthen me, as I chose to believe in the word and what it says about  me. I know I am capable , strong, powerful and an ambitious woman. Guide me to honor Your heart with what I say and how I say it. Use me as Your mouthpiece to speak life, hope and love to those that need it. Use it for Your glory. Help us to make decisions based off a true identity and who you called and created us to be. We honor you and we thank you, Amen