Fashion Sketch


Sarah J. Smith

Influential Leader in Revolutionizing Women Empowerment

As a powerful, ambitious woman and wife with so much grace, grit and purpose for inspiring and uplifting others. Sarah is helping a group of poise and ambitious women create a lifestyle where they attain growth & Knowledge from within, articulate their value by tackling impostor Syndrome,and accepting transitions of becoming all while being fashion forward.

Sarah often can be heard saying "you are powerful and a force to be reckon with" because woman are and always will be powerful beings. You don't know what you are truly capable of until you make the first step into your purpose fearlessly.

Fashion for Sarah is the way Sarah says it all, from her style, to her mood to how she carries herself. "I would call my style classy, fearless, and the epitome of elegance. I love to dress up and have loved it realistically since middle school. when getting out and creating her own style, Sarah began to get quite opinionated about what she wore and how she wore it. what matched her personality or what just went with her mood of that day." Sarah's style has truly developed over the years and her clothing line "Inceptual sara" definitely embodies that growth. from a young lady to now a woman. "Inceptual sara" is Sarah's personal style and the patterns and colors she fell in love with growing up. Each piece has a meaning and tells a story.

This website is full of interesting things from fashion where Sarah shares exclusive access on her upcoming clothing line, past fashion shows and giving style tips & tricks. Sarah also shares with various woman some  knowledge on ways to change your mindset on yourself and the life around you while also analyzing the thoughts we fill our minds with everyday. And of course, we get into deep topics where Sarah shares women to woman advice while making sure you sis, don't leave without getting some weekly motivation. Sarah's drive and passion for impacting woman throughout the world shows no signs of slowing down. As she embarks on her journey with the mantra " You're created for greatness"